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Your Digital Scrum Master - Automate your asynchronous standup meetings via Slack for free!

ProfileAPI helps anyone in finding user images from just their email ids, anywhere on the web!


Automate your digital marketing efforts and grow your userbase and business at 10x!


Automate your hiring process - source, interview and hire the best talent efficiently!


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

A product studio with an entrepreneurial spirit

We are data scientists and software craftsmen solving important business problems using a unique blend of business acumen, tech expertise and machine learning. Some of the products we are working on include a cutting edge Slack Standup bot for Team Management, an applicant tracking and hiring automation tool and a Marketing Automation bot that aims to address digital marketing woes for startups.

Parallel-y, we also work with a few selected Y Combinator startups and share our software architecture and Machine Learning expertise with them.

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